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Ideas & Inspiration

Choose your Meat/Vegetable of choice and explore the range of barbecue recipes from leading pitmasters. Showcasing the products on offer, get inspiration to select a new rub and craft your next culinary creation.

Flaming Barbecue Meat
Image by Madie Hamilton
Image by Jason Tran


Killer Wings, Spiced Thighs, Whole Chooks and more ....

Please the crowd with your wings, create juicy flavour bomb thighs or spice up a whole chook for the family. Inspiration from the people behind the rubs to make the humble chicken the star of the show!


From Steaks to Brisket and all things in-between

Up your steak game, nail that Brisket or discover something new! A range of ideas for your next cook utilising the products on offer, including homemade sausages through to beef cheek tacos.
Stay classic - Try something New -You Decide!


Tender Ribs, Juicy Pulled Pork, Pork Belly Burnt Ends and more ....

Experiment with a variety of popular styles from different regions across America. From Texas style, a 'dry' peppery approach, to Carolina being more of a 'Wet' mopping approach when smoked. Or broaden your horizons with some lesser known techniques using a product from the range!

Craft Your Cook
camo lamb rack slice.jpg
Image by Joshua Kantarges
Image by Michelle Tsang


Smoked Legs, Pulled Shoulders, Roasted Racks and Braised Shanks

Go to recipes that highlight the beauty of Lamb. Carving into a roast and exposing the luscious red meat and all its juices, or braised over an open fire with a rich hearty sauce. Many rubs land themselves a perfect match to the subtle flavour of this protein.

Vegetables - Sides

Smoked Cauliflower, Charred Corn, Pit Beans, Mac n Cheese etc

Every meal needs sides! Plus vegetables can be prepared and cooked to deliver immense flavour using all purpose rubs on offer. The usual suspects with a twist - New ones to transform a meal. Take a look what you need to add to that shopping list!


Chargrilled Squid, Smoked Whole Fish, Perfect Prawns plus more ...

A lighter option, seafood can be subtley seasoned and produce maximum taste. Learn how to delicately prepare, cook and dress each particular dish, mastering your craft along the way

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